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name description original file (the one to apply the patch to)
Regedit crack (win95 only)
(PTH - 93 bytes)
this crack gets you rid of that sucking messagebox shown when importing a file to the registry using command line [for lamers: it's a double click on a .reg file]
it's good for only one thing - when you don't want everybody behind you to know what you're doing
in your windows folder!!
AtomTime98 v2.1 crack
(PTH - 568 bytes)
simple crack (evaluation period removed and any name registration allowed) of a very nice program which sets the correct time on your machine using some atom time server
RealPlayer crack
(PTH - 99 bytes)
expiration crack for the RealPlayer G2 version, but may also work with other versions
it's good if you're too lazy to obtain the upgrade
to make it work you'll have to patch pncrt.dll in your windows\system folder
DSChordFinder 32 v2.1 crack
(PTH - 170 bytes)
evaluation period and annoying startup screen crack for a little prog which finds something in wav files [dunno what, my friend wanted me to crack this;) ] Dubbeldam Software
Animated Screen v2.21 crack
(PTH - 82 bytes)
very simple enter-any-registration-key crack for an animation util PY Software
Pictures2Exe products crack
(ZIP - 3,481 bytes)
patch for files created with Pictures2Exe, removes "unregistered" text. created by fyxr. more info in the package
Regedit crack (tested on v4.00.1111 only)
(PTH - 82 bytes)
allows to run regedit even if it is "restricted by administrator"
i got tired of running poledit every time i needed to look into the registry [in my school] so i made this...
in your windows folder!!
AGW Packet Engine v2000.70 (TCP/IP driver) evaluation crack
(PTH - 240 bytes)
removes the 45 minute evaluation period of the TCP/IP driver in AGW (a prog. for packet radio comms). after patching you don't need to enter any reg. code, simply enable the driver - it should work AGW Packet Engine.exe
AGW Packet Engine v2000.78 (TCP/IP driver) evaluation crack
(PTH - 236 bytes)
just as the above AGW Packet Engine.exe
AGW Packet Engine v2002.10 (TCP/IP driver) evaluation crack
(PTH - 232 bytes)
just as the above; this guy has the same protection over and over, i should start thinking about making a generic patcher ;) AGW Packet Engine.exe
AIMS Telemetry v2.0.30 crack
(PTH - 747 bytes)
some telemetry prog, don't have much idea of what it does ;) or where to get it exactly...
the unregged ver. doesn't allow saving (actually it does, only it deletes the files right away...) and i dunno what else.
AGW Packet Engine v2002.16 (TCP/IP driver) evaluation crack
(PTH - 238 bytes)
just as the above; one more and i'm making a generic patch... AGW Packet Engine.exe
AGW Packet Engine v2003.308+ (TCP/IP driver) generic patch
(EXE - 2,560 bytes)
i've had it -- this is a generic patch but tested on 2003.308 only - not pro!
(but i haven't really tested it [just as any of the others] coz i don't have the hardware)
AGW Packet Engine.exe

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