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  • system tray
  • - shitloads the system tray with a bunch of icons
  • April 1st
  • - periodically logs the user off
  • win95 freezer
  • - makes win95 freeze itself
  • byestart
  • - hides the Start button
  • byetray
  • - hides the system tray (clock & icons)
  • pictures
  • - few funny pictures

    please read the rules before downloading anything!

    system tray
    here i have two nice progs for you, both add some icons to the system tray
    well, not some, but one hundred ;)))
    so you may now ask what's so funny about that...
    the funniest thing is that you can't see the running applications as buttons there, and also all other system tray icons are "pushed" away:) [if you see a big monitor on which there would remain some icons or buttons in the taskbar, tell me, and i'll increase that number to 200 or 500 or... ;)]
    the only way to get rid of those icons (as for win95/98) is to logoff or restart the explorer
    btw, the icon's picture says "HE HE" and its tip text "Hehe" :)
  • hehe.exe
    (EXE - 4,096 bytes)
  • this one does it immediately and quits
  • heehe.exe
    (EXE - 4,096 bytes)
  • this one waits 5 minutes until activation, stays running hidden, and ... writes itself to the system registry so it'll launch with each windows' start:))))
    so give it to your friends, enemies etc., they'll get pissed off for sure:)

    April 1st
    this little prog stays running hidden and logs off the user every 5 minutes ;)
    it writes itself to the registry so it'll start with windows [the best way how to install it is to copy it to your windows (or windows/system) folder and launch it there once
    nothing more to say, just download it

  • april.exe (EXE - 3,072 bytes)

  • win95 freezer
    simple win95 freeze prog, doesn't use anything like ring0; it is based on my opinion that you can hardly fuck up windows (because if you try to write where you haven't access windows will terminate you) but windows can fuck up themselves :P... so, i use one API function CharUpper to change the data in the memory, on my win95 it causes a 0e exception and after pressing any key a beautifully colored screen, on other one it fucks up explorer and on the third one it freezes like if you did cli,hlt in ring0, but i need some testing on win98 & nt
    no more empty talking, here's the action

  • v2 download with source (RAR - 2,123 bytes)
  • v2 download with source (ZIP - 2,304 bytes)

    works under NT&such (tested on XP)!
    [idea by Ebola Monkey]

    two little progs that close the windows Start button. imagine a secretary looking for the Start button :))). the lite version does it and quits, while the strong one keeps doing it every 10 seconds so that no explorer.exe restarting will help and it also writes itself to the registry and runs on every startup!
    please note that the strong version should be first run from the folder where it will stay, such as \windows\system ;).

  • strong version download (RAR - 1,932 bytes)
  • strong version download (ZIP - 1,958 bytes)
  • lite version download with source (RAR - 1,415 bytes)
  • lite version download with source (ZIP - 1,699 bytes)

    tested on: 98, 2k, XP

    a prog that closes the windows system tray area, which is where the clock and tray icons reside. may prove to be really annoying.
    put it in startup or registry for extra effect, or modify the source to the likes of
    byestart (strong version)

  • lite version download with source (RAR - 1,466 bytes)
  • lite version download with source (ZIP - 1,536 bytes)

    water mill - thumbnail [200 x 225 x 8bit] (GIF - 19,435 bytes)
    large [640 x 720 x 1bit] (GIF - 28,053 bytes)
    this is a really old one, you must have had seen it
    billy - thumbnail [220 x 173 x 24bit] (JPG - 10,734 bytes)
    large [794 x 624 x 24bit] (JPG - 64,010 bytes)
    btw, i have the large one as my wallpaper ;)
    mouse - thumbnail [192 x 242 x 8bit] (GIF - 11,656 bytes)
    large [384 x 484 x 1bit] (GIF - 14,923 bytes)
    dickhead - thumbnail [160 x 219 x 4bit] (GIF - 5,248 bytes)
    medium [504 x 691 x 1bit] (GIF - 10,637 bytes)
    large [2519 x 3457 x 1bit] (GIF - 95,216 bytes)
    this is what i really call a dickhead

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