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so you won't find anything like that here

everything here is in win32asm; for win95/98/me/nt/2k/xp, thouroughly tested on w95/98 or w2k only [lack of time]


useful utilities

  • patcher
  • - compares and patches files
  • wipe.reloc
  • - makes PEs smaller by removing relocations section
  • timestamper
  • - sets file times
  • start-screen-saver
  • - simply starts the windows screensaver
  • notescrap
  • - allows you to make notes without a need to save them manually
  • tinystub
  • - replaces the PE dos stub with a really small one
  • subtitle shifter
  • - shifts, stretches & shrinks movie subtitles
  • extm3u remover
  • - removes extended m3u info from .m3u playlists
  • empty copy [ecp]
  • - copies directory/file structure without file contents, command-line driven

    crayzee's patcher


  • download (latest version 1.31 with sources)
  • older source files
  • online help
  • patch script files page

  • What is this good for?
    it's good for many things, for example if you are:
  • a cracker
  • you can spread just the minipatcher or the patch script file when you crack something
  • a programmer
  • you can sign your programs at specified offsets automatically after easily creating a script
  • you can release updates or bugfixes for some older versions of your program

  • if you still don't know what's the patcher good for, then look either at the online help or at the patch script files page

    Future plans
  • improving the minipatcher (some infos, authenticity signs etc.)
  • making some less space-wasting structure of the script (some compression would help)

  • crayzee's wipe.reloc

  • download (latest version 1.40 with sources)
  • older source files

    What is this good for?
    this utility makes PE files (=windows 32-bit executable files) smaller by aligning them and (if not processing a dll) removing the .reloc section, which is not needed in exe PE files because they are always loaded to their original imagebase address... this does not compress the file, therefore it does not really extend the loading time of the processed file! NOW WORKS FOR NT/2K/XP!
    it really works like virogen's vgalign, even better, but it may contain bugs so please report any immediately!
    use it at your own risk!
    the wipe.reloc was originally and entirely *my* idea. later, i added the align capability - i think the first one that came up with this was virogen - i don't think i would have come up with such a brilliant thing. anyhow, people are now using wipereloc as a feature in their utilities without mentioning whose idea it was - that kinda bothers me...

    crayzee's timestamper

  • download (latest version 1.20 with sources)
  • older source files

    What is this good for?
    it's an utility for setting file/directory times (creation, last write and last access). you can set the time manually (enter the values) or get it from another file or from a "timestamp" file, which you can create as well ;). this is very useful if you don't want anyone to know that you have modified some file or if you want to "stamp" your files with a specific time...

    crayzee's start-screen-saver

  • download (initial version 1.00 with sources)

    What is this good for?
    this little utility starts the windows screensaver
    it isn't anything *great* but it may be useful if you're going away and don't trust windows that they will surely start the screensaver ;)

    crayzee's notescrap - COOL!

  • download (newest version with sources)
  • older source files

    What is this good for?
    this little thing solves your top-of-the-desk-full-of-little-scraps-with-short-notes problem
    it allows you to write short notes and save them immediately without having to think about a place to put them to; read them by clicking on the system tray icon
    further info in the download package... this is a must-have thing! ;)

    Future plans
  • adding a search engine
  • adding a window positions saving ability
  • implementing some encryption (because the scrap file is easily readable)

    crayzee's tinystub

  • download (latest version 1.10 with sources)
  • older source files

    What is this good for?
    this utility replaces the PE dos stub with a really tiny one (12 or 64 bytes - you can choose). if trying to run from DOS, the 12-byte stub makes it say "Cannot execute", and the 64-byte stub actually displays a short message "Win32 reqd.", not disrupting the system at all!
    it doesn't really make the file smaller but after aligning it with wipe.reloc it should be slightly smaller.
    if you have used the 12-byte stub and changed your mind, don't worry, you can run it again and it also may work even after aligning the file with wipe.reloc. if there is no space to extend the stub from 12 to 64, you won't loose your file, you'll just get an error message!
    anyway, it may contain some bugs so please report any immediately! use it at your own risk!
    similar to the wipe.reloc issue, the idea of replacing the stub with a 12- and 64-byte stub was mine. it sucks when people use your ideas and you don't get any credit for it...

    crayzee's subtitle shifter

  • download (latest version 1.16 with sources)
  • older source files

    What is this good for?
    this little utility shifts the standard {start-frame}{end-frame}Text subtitles (i think they are officially called "MicroDVD format"), but can also stretch/shrink them in time.
    i wrote it because it's been a pain in the ass for me to use Excel - import the .txt, separate the {}s, do the math, join the frames back, then export and find out that it has put a hundred quotes (") anywhere it wanted to so the file is useless and you've just wasted 15 minutes.
    with this program, the above thing comes down to a few seconds (depends on how fast you can enter few numbers ;) ).

    Future plans
  • internal time-calculator (to allow entering start- and end-time instead of pure coefficients) -- DONE!
  • ability to fill the subtitle end-frame
  • splitting subtitles to multi-line according to given lengths and/or direct speech

  • crayzee's extm3u remover

  • download (latest version 1.00 with sources)

    What is this good for?
    this simple utility removes all lines that start with # from an .m3u file (in case it is a playlist containing "extended m3u info"-if it starts w/ #EXTM3U.
    it may be useful to people who want winamp to load all the mp3 descriptions according to their current settings instead of what's in the .m3u playlist. personally, i use it every time i create a new playlist...

    sorry i released it this long after finishing it but i didn't realize it would be useful for someone else, too :)

    crayzee's empty copy [ecp] - NEW!

  • download (latest version 1.00 with sources)

    What is this good for?
    this command-line utility copies files and directories including the directory structure (recursively) without the file contents. it will only write info about the original files into the blank copies.
    it may be useful for archiving brief contents of mp3 or videoclip CD's on your hard drive for occasions like reconstructing a CD after some fucker you lent it to didn't return it, or for sharing on LAN etc.

    highly customizable using command-line switches, a help file with detailed description for those less-understanding is inside the download package.

    Future plans
  • some more localization (if requested by anyone, though!)

  • funny stuff

    here are some nice progs so u'll be able to scare your "friends" and enemies...
    they were tested on win95 and some also on 98, be sure they work there and that they'll scare the shit out of anybody or at least get them pissed off well:)
  • view the funny stuff page where u can dl those progs

  • look at funny pictures too

  • contact me

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